Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Ref-Air are specialists in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning with a manufacturing facility specializing in design, manufacture and installation of foam injected polyurethane Cold and Freezer Rooms, Pre-fabricated site offices & housing, Hold Over Chest Freezers and Insulated Vehicle Panel Bodies.


Featured Project

Harare International Airport

One of Ref-Air’s major projects was the construction of the Refrigeration facility at the Harare International Airport Uplift Catering Facility. This combined project of design, manufacture and installation is easily the largest facility of its type in the country, incorporating 32 Cold and Freezer Rooms with a central plant room. 150 tons of foam injected Polyurethane and Chromadek sheeting went into the paneling for rooms, corridors and ceilings.

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Refair Harare
34 Bristol Road South
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